Forward from City Manager

I once heard a saying that "healthy things grow and growing things change." I like to think of our City of Flagstaff organization as a healthy thing that will inevitably change. How we deal with that change, how we lead through it, will both challenge and define us as we move forward together into the future. Having a Strategic Plan is one way to help assure that we can step boldly into the unknown and navigate a correct course through the obstacles and opportunities that certainly lie ahead and that, ultimately, will guide us to a common destination.

This Strategic Plan is the culmination of many months of participation and input from employees throughout Team Flagstaff. I believe that this is the best way to achieve buy-in by those who will use this Plan as a tool to help guide them in their daily service to our community. We truly do come together to make our city better and each of us has an important role to play. As city employees, we can make a difference in the lives of our citizens and leave a positive impression on the many visitors who come to share in those things that make us uniquely Flagstaff.

The City Council provides us with goals that help us fulfill our mission to protect and enhance the quality of life of our citizens. These goals, along with input from city employees are like two streams that come together to form a strong current that has, in turn, manifested in the development of our Strategic Plan. This is a living document that will continue to influence and be influenced by our employees, City Council, and the Flagstaff community as needs and priorities change in the years to come.

Josh Copley
City Manager