Strategic Priorities & Goals

Strategic Priority Number 1: Provide Exceptional Service

  • Serve as ambassadors for the Flagstaff community
  • Serve the public through quality internal and external customer service
  • Foster clear and consistent communication
  • Provide employees tools, training and support
  • Demonstrate respect, equity and strong ethics

Strategic Priority Number 2: Invest in Our People

  • Ensure effective resources for employees
  • Provide competitive compensation
  • Empower employees to make the City better
  • Maintain and enhance a safe and positive organizational culture

Strategic Priority Number 3: Foster a Resilient & Economically Prosperous City

  • Enhance the organization's fiscal stability and resourcefulness
  • Deliver outstanding services through a healthy environment, resources and infrastructure
  • Support sustainable economic development and its practices
  • Promote policies that reflect a positive and safe community
  • Continue to enhance community outreach and engagement

Strategic Priority Number 4: Work in Partnership to Enhance a Safe & Livable Community

  • Foster a safe, healthy, equitable and accessible community
  • Cultivate community partnerships through civic engagement and participation
  • Facilitate and encourage diversity
  • Promote high quality of life through consistent standards, rules and regulations