Energy Program

The Energy Program facilitates energy efficiency measures across the Flagstaff community and city government operations.

Home Energy Efficiency

 101 Workshops

The Home Energy Efficiency 101 Workshops are designed to help Flagstaff residents lower utility bills, become more energy efficient, reduce energy consumption, and increase their overall awareness of energy use. Free classes each winter season provide participants with a free kit full of items for weatherizing homes and apartments. Find out more here.

Energy Rebate Program

The Energy Rebate program provides rebates on air and duct sealing, energy efficient water heaters and furnaces, and insulation for attics and crawl spaces. All forms and additional information are available here, or call 928-213-2150.

Municipal Energy Use

Energy Monitoring

The City of Flagstaff is committed to transparency, and have made our energy and water consumption data available to the public. We are also working to provide all the data produced by our numerous renewable energy installations. Click here to explore the data.

Energy Conservation
The City has recently undertaken the following energy conservation measures:
  • Efficient lighting equipment upgrades and installation
  • Occupancy sensor installation
  • Traffic lights, walk signs, and streetlights upgrades
  • Parking lot lighting upgrades
  • Vending misers installation
  • Motor retrofits
  • Water conservation measures
  • Chiller upgrades and installations
  • HVAC upgrades and installations
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply installation
  • Energy Meter Audit
  • IT visualization upgrade
  • Updated energy monitoring system
  • Be Resourceful employee energy use reduction campaign
  • Fleet utilization policy upgrades
  • Fleet replacement policy upgrade

Energy Legislation

Energy Efficiency Resolution

In 2010 the Flagstaff City Council passed resolution 2010-16 (PDF) promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy at City facilities. The resolution sets requirements based on the City's electricity consumption. The City is required to meet:

    • 15% of the City's energy consumption by 2012 through renewable energy generation and/or purchasing
    • 20% by 2015
    • 35% by 2020 and;
    • 50% by 2050

Sustainable Building Resolution

In March, 2014 the Flagstaff City Council adopted a Resolution requiring all City-owned new construction and major renovation to achieve certification in one of the three sustainable building certification programs or high performance building code. This will help us protect natural resources, prevent waste, and reduce consumption in future construction. Read the resolution (PDF).

Renewable Energy Generation

The City has a range of renewable energy systems throughout our Flagstaff facilities. The City's renewable energy portfolio includes the following systems in kilowatts (kW) :

City Hall Solar Film
Wildcat 1 Solar Tracking Ground Mount
Wildcat 2 Solar Tracking Ground Mount
City Hall Solar Parking Canopies
Aquaplex 1 Solar Roof Mount
Wildcat 3 Solar Fixed Mount
Aquaplex 2 Solar Parking Canopies
Rio de Flag Solar Fixed Mount
Fire Station Solar Roof Mount
Aquaplex Solar Thermal Roof Mount
Wildcat Co-Gen Unit

14.4 kW
285.23 kW
283.25 kW
200.5 kW
231 kW
277.2 kW
7.5 kW
140 kW
292 kW