Beaver Street Striping Changes

Introduction to Project

Beaver Street from Columbus to Cherry currently has 50 feet of right-of-way available. The roadway is in very rough shape and consists of a very high crown in the center of the roadway. The Roadway Repair Street Safety Program (RRSSP) is in design for this section of roadway to receive a full width pavement replacement. 

The striping between Columbus and Fine currently consists of parking lanes on each side of the roadway, a bicycle lane, and two travel lanes. With all of these features included the roadway is very tight and makes it unsafe for drivers, bicyclists, and parked vehicles.


The Traffic Engineering Program has come up with two options to address the safety concerns.

  • Option A proposes to eliminate parking on the west side of Beaver Street in favor of a continuous bicycle lanes.
  • Option B proposes to eliminate the bicycle lane in favor of continuous parking on both sides of Beaver Street and the addition of shared bicycle lane markings.

Option A

Beaver with Bike Lane

Option B

Beaver without bike lanes

More Information

For more information please review the PowerPoint that will be presented at the October 5th, 2016 Traffic Commission meeting. Neighbors & business owners in the area have been invited to voice their opinions at this event.