Water Services Master Planning

Water Services Master Plan Graphic

The Water Services Integrated Master Plan: Preparing for Our Future

As we look toward a future of aging water system infrastructure and the need for new, innovative sources to meet our growing water demand, the importance of the Utilities Integrated Master Plan (UIMP) to the Flagstaff community becomes clear.

Master Plan Purpose

A major milestone for the Water Services Division, the UIMP is based on a comprehensive assessment of the City's:

  • Infrastructure requirements for:
    • Storage
    • Treatment
    • Water production
    • Other systems
  • Water needs
  • Water quality
  • Water supplies

Long-Term Planning

It guides our long-term planning, quantifies our water resources, and identifies the requirements for infrastructure (water, wastewater, and reclaimed water) over the next 10 years and at build-out. The UIMP not only updates the 1996 Water Master Plan and population projections, but it also incorporates the land uses contained within the voter approved 2014 Flagstaff Regional Plan and the Designation of Adequate Water Supply (2013) from the Arizona Department of Water Resources. It represents a compilation of condition assessments and facilities plans for different components of the City utility system.


The UIMP has five main chapters:

The UIMP conforms to the City's regional plan model and priority-based budgeting process.

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