Your Water

Learn about Flagstaffs’ water supplies.

Utilities Master Planning — How the City is ensuring that you have adequate amounts of safe, reliable water into the future [learn more]

Drinking Water — Where your water comes from, how it’s treated, and how the City addresses water quality concerns [learn more]

Water Recycling — How / where we deliver reclaimed water, its importance to our future supplies, and what we do to ensure that this source is safe [learn more]

Water Resources Management — How the City plans to meet future demands, info about various water adequacy / sustainability studies we’ve conducted, and info about our monitoring programs [learn more]

Backflow Prevention & Pretreatment — Important info for industrial and commercial users [learn more]

Water Hauling & Load Stations — Information about water hauling accounts and locations [learn more]

History — About the history of Flagstaff’s water supplies and Utilities Division [learn more]

FAQs — Frequently asked questions about your water [learn more]