Who We Are

An enterprise fund of the City of Flagstaff, ParkFlag comprehensively manages public parking in downtown Flagstaff and the surrounding neighborhoods.

What We Do

In short term, the limited supply of parking is managed for better and more efficient use. In long term, revenues from ParkFlag will be used to construct new parking.

Legal Notices:

  • Public Notice of Intent to Establish and Increase Fines and Fees - Parking pursuant to A.R.S. §9-499.15, click here
  • Public Notice of Consideration of Changes Municipal Code §9-01-001-0015 - Comprehensive Parking Management Program Special Revenue Fund Created, click here
  1. Gail Brockman

    Acting Parking Manager
    Phone: (928) 213-2960

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More Information

  • To view the Comprehensive Parking Management Plan, click here
  • To view the Administrative Guidelines, click here
  • To view a Map of on-street parking, parking lots and parking zones, click here
  • To view the Parking Citation Fine Schedule, click here
  • To view the Parking Fee Schedule, click here
  • To watch recorded City Council meetings, click here
  • To download the E-Permit Parking Application, click here
  • To download the Residential Parking Permit Information, click here

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