Backflow Prevention

Cross Connection Control Program

Flagstaff's water distribution system is designed to keep the water flowing from the distribution system to you, the customer. However, when hydraulic conditions within the system deviate from "normal" conditions, water flow can be reversed. When this backflow happens, contaminated water from homes or businesses can enter the water distribution system. The Cross-Connection Control Program is in place to prevent contamination by backflow. 

Residents and businesses that have a potential for contamination of the water distribution system are required to install backflow assemblies. Single family residences used solely for residential purposes are exempt from assembly requirements. It is the responsibility of the owner of the assembly to ensure the device is always in satisfactory operation condition. Backflow assemblies require an annual test to be in compliance with the City.

Testers: Backflow Report Submittal 

To submit Backflow Reports, testers can phone BSI Online at 888-966-6050 or view their website for more information on how to set up an account to enter backflow test results.

Assembly Owners: Backflow Testers

A list of certified testers can be found by calling BSI Online at 888-966-6050. If you have your customer confirmation number (CCN), you can look up testing companies on-line.

Location Variance

Backflow assemblies need to be located as close to the water meter as possible in a heated enclosure. If the Industrial Waste Program has determined you may install a backflow prevention assembly in a location other than just downstream of the water meter, you will need to submit a Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF). Please contact Industrial Pretreatment Supervisor for more information on how to receive approval for this variance and how to submit this agreement.