Minimum Wage

​The City of Flagstaff's Minimum Wage Law

On November 8 2016, Flagstaff citizens voted in support of Proposition 414, a citizen initiative to increase the minimum wage rate of pay for employees working within the city limits of Flagstaff. Proposition 414 was proclaimed law by the Mayor on November 28, 2016. On March 21, 2017 the City Council elected; by a super majority vote, to amend the timeline of Prop. 414 to further its purposes by adjusting the future minimum wage increase. On January 1, 2018, Flagstaff's minimum wage increased to $11 per hour. Effective each January 1 thereafter the minimum wage rate will be adjusted up to $15.50 by the year 2022. The following multi-year table shows the effective date and minimum wage rate. 

                                                                          Multi-Year Table


Minimum Wage

January 2018


January 2019


January 2020


January 2021


January 2022


January 2023+

Based on Consumer Price Index

* Or $2.00 above the State Minimum Wage, whichever is greater

Office of Labor Standards

The City of Flagstaff created the Office of Labor Standards Division (OLS), to implement, educate and enforce the minimum wage law. The OLS is tasked with administrating and ensuring compliance with the law by investing complaints and violations of the Flagstaff Minimum Wage Law. The OLS is also tasked with providing education, technical and awareness services, as well as engaging in community and business partnerships.