Minimum Wage

The City of Flagstaff's Minimum Wage Law

On July 1, 2017, a new hourly minimum wage schedule was established for individuals who worked or are expected to work 25 hours or more in any given calendar year within the city limits of Flagstaff, AZ. All covered individuals are to be paid or to earn no less than the current hourly minimum wage.

January 1, 2020
 Flagstaff’s minimum wage is $13.00 per hourFor individuals in positions that regularly or customarily receive $30.00 or more in tips per month, the hourly cash wage has increased to $10.00 per hour.

Effective each January 1 thereafter, the hourly minimum wage will be adjusted according to the multi-year table showed below.
                                                           Multi-Year Table
 Year Hourly Minimum Wage Hourly Cash Wage
(Tipped Employees Only)
Tip Credit Max 
Tipped Employees Only
01/01/20      $13.00
01/01/21 $15.00*
01/01/22 $15.50*
*or $2.00 above the State of Arizona minimum wage whichever is higher.
**Reduces by $.50 cent each year until eliminated January 1 , 2026.                                               

 Office of Labor Standards (OLS)

The Office of Labor Standards is tasked with administrating and ensuring compliance with the law by investigating complaints and violations of the Flagstaff Minimum Wage Law. The Office of Labor Standards is also tasked with providing educational, technical and awareness services, as well as engaging in community and business partnerships.