Employee Discounts

Thank You for Being a City of Flagstaff Employee!

The following partners have offered up a discount simply for being an employee with the City of Flagstaff. Most of the discounts are available for use by showing your City of Flagstaff ID (COF ID), others have special instructions to obtain the discount. Some discounts may not apply to temporary employees. Please inquire with the vendor for applicable discounts.

If you do not have a City of Flagstaff ID, please visit the Human Resources office. If there is a specific discount code that is not listed, you will need to call Human Resources Department to obtain it. For a complete list of available discounts, you may visit us at the Human Resourcs Office in City Hall.

Thank Our Partners!

Please visit the partner's website (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and leave a review as a thank you for offering these exclusive discounts.

  1. Wellness / Physical Activity
  2. Car Rentals / Parking
  3. Cellphone Service Providers