How Do I Utilize the Employee Assistance Program for Free Counseling Services?

  You may contact Jorgensen Brooks at (888) 520-5400 and the website is  


How Do I Change / Cancel my 457 Plan (AKA Deferred Comp, VOYA, or ICMA-RC) Contributions?

These deductions may be started, stopped, increased or decreased at any time and will be effective the following month.  Just stop by HR and complete a Payroll Deduction Form. 

I Have a Health Savings Account. Can I Change My Contributions?

You can change your Health Savings Account contributions at any time.  Stop by HR to complete a Payroll Deduction's as simple as that!

I have a Flexible Spending Account. Can I Change My Contributions?

Flexible Spending Account contributions can only be elected once per year (during Open Enrollment), for the following plan year. Because the funds are fronted to you at the beginning of the plan year, they cannot be changed mid-year. Open enrollment is held in May, with an effective date of July 1.

I Have Submitted My Notice of Resignation. Can I Still Take Time Off?

Once you have submitted your resignation, you can take vacation time, comp time, and your floating holiday. You may not take your personal day.
The following information is outlined in the employee handbook: “Employees who resign must physically work their last day on the job.  If the employee uses accrued leave for his or her entire shift on the last day, then the last day of work will be recorded as the last day the employee physically worked during the notice period." (1-40-040 Resignation)

On My Last Paycheck, Will I Be Paid for Accrued Sick Leave, Vacation Time, etc.?

Applicable accrued comp time is paid out, for employees who successfully complete 6 months of service vacation is paid out, but unless you meet the criteria below (as outlined in the employee handbook), sick leave is not paid out.

“Employees leaving the service shall be paid for unused sick leave at the rate of one (1) day’s pay for each two (2) days of unused sick leave under the following conditions:

  • Employees retiring from City employment and receiving retirement benefits from Public Safety Retirement System or the Arizona State Retirement System; or
  • Employees terminating City employment with a minimum of twenty (20) years’ service.”

I Am Looking at Retiring Soon. What Do I Need to Do?

Contact the HR Benefits Analyst to obtain the Retiree Benefits Checklist and Retiree Benefits Form (which you will need to complete prior to leaving employment.)

I Would Like to Utilize a Temp Agency to Hire a Temporary Employee. Do I Need to go Through HR?

There will be four Temporary Personnel Service agencies you may contact in order to fill a Temporary Personnel vacancy. Their contact information is below and the type of positions they will be able to fill is also listed. Please follow the procedure to request a new temporary employee from one of the approved agencies (procedures HERE). Performance Staffing (Administrative Assistant, Administrative Specialist, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance Worker – Snow Operations, Equipment Operator) (928) 526-6499 HotFoot Recruiters (Administrative Assistant, Administrative Specialist, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance Worker – Snow Operations, Equipment Operator) (480) 633-3392 22nd Century Technologies, Inc. (Administrative Specialist, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance Worker – Snow Operations, Equipment Operator)(908) 765-0002 Abacus Service Corporation (Administrative Assistant, Administrative Specialist)

Can I Get a Copy of Something in My 201 File?

Absolutely! We will just need to see a photo ID, a driver’s license or City ID card will work – any photo ID. Once we have seen a photo ID, you can look through your file, take copies of anything in there, or request that we add something (e.g. a certificate.) You may not remove anything from or leave Human Resources with your file.

How Do I Get a Copy of My Check Stub?

You can view your paycheck history by going online to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) website. You can access the ESS website from the CityNET. If you do not know your Employee ID number and your PIN, you will need to contact Payroll at ext. 2200.

Can I Carry Over Excess Vacation Time if I Am Over the Maximum?

Employees may not carry over more hours than can be earned in 18 months of continuous service. Earned vacation hours in excess of the maximum must be used no later than June 30 of each fiscal year. All hours over the maximum allowed and not used by June 30 of the current fiscal year shall be forfeited.

However, in the event of extenuating or unforeseen circumstances, an employee may exceed his or her vacation maximum past June 30 by submitting a written request to the Department Head through the immediate supervisor. The Department Head, in conjunction with the Human Resources Director, will make a determination and notify the employee of the decision. Employees may not be allowed this option for two consecutive years.

Can I Accrue Over 40 Hours of Compensation Time?

Employees are allowed to accrue in excess of 40 hours, except for commissioned fire personnel, who shall be allowed to accrue 56 hours. These maximums may be exceeded only upon the express written authorization of the City Manager after a written request of the employee's Department Head, but in no event shall authorization be given to accrue compensatory time in excess of 180 hours. Hours of compensatory time in excess of the above maximums must be used prior to June 30 next succeeding the date on which such authorized excess compensatory time is earned. Such excess compensatory time not used prior to the June 30 date shall not be carried over to subsequent periods.

To request to accrue excess compensatory time, please complete this form.