City Employee EcoPass

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Ecopass Terms

  • The pass will work starting Saturday, July 1st, 2017 for the next year.
  • To use the pass, simply scan it on the card reader when you board the bus.
  • Do not punch a hole in the pass.
  • The employee agrees not to allow any other persons to use their pass. Passes are subject to forfeiture if used by anyone other than the assigned City of Flagstaff employee.
  • The employee agrees to carry their City of Flagstaff employee ID whenever using the EcoPass. Because ecoPASS cards are used by many employers in Flagstaff, including the County and Northern Arizona University (NAU), bus drivers must be able to verify that you are actually the valid pass holder. The driver has the right to ask for identification when you use your ecoPASS - you need to show your City employee ID card. Drivers will not always ask for ID but sometimes will.
    • This process is different for temporary employees – see the temporary employee section below.

  • It is the responsibility of the registered pass holder to notify the Sustainability Section immediately if the ecoPASS is lost or stolen.


  • The City Manager’s Office is working on the new parking management system. City Manager Josh Copley has committed to employees that employees will not need to pay for parking at their workplace. The CMO will be distributing additional information about parking in July.
  • For information on the downtown parking system, there is a great deal of information online at: ParkFlag website.
  • Charging for parking helps us to manage a limited resource.

For Those that Live in Kachina / Mountainaire / Doney Park / Williams, Etc.

  • Unfortunately the Mountain Line system doesn’t run to these areas.
  • We hope that you can use your ecoPASS when you are within the City and that it still helps you to get around town.
  • If you would like, you may leave a comment for NAIPTA.
  • See 3 and 4 on VanPool and Park and Ride.


  1. Mountain Line provides a VanPool service to coordinate rides from outlying areas to Flagstaff.
  2. You can go online and indicate that you’d be interested - Mountain Line will match you with others in your area to coordinate a VanPool.
  3. Vanpools do have a cost, but there can be significant savings over driving alone.
  4. For more information and to sign up, go to the Vanpool website.

Park & Ride

  • There are not currently official park and ride programs for the Mountain Line.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Mountain Line provides a Guaranteed Ride Home through the ecoPASS program.

If you have an emergency where you need to get home or to a family member immediately, you can utilize the guaranteed ride home program to receive a free taxi ride home. A staff person at each office will be the lead for the guaranteed ride home program: Simply call your facility lead person and let them know that you have an emergency and need to use a taxi voucher.

Each employee is able to utilize the Guaranteed Ride Home program four times per year.

Temporary Employees

EcoPasses are primarily a benefit for benefit-eligible employees - i.e., those who receive healthcare and other benefits through their permanent City employment. However, we will be able to provide temporary staff with EcoPasses that are not claimed by Full-time/part time employees, on a first-come, first-served basis. The EcoPass distribution process for temporary employees is as follows:

  1. Temporary employees should request an EcoPass by filling out the Temp EcoPass Request Form
    • In mid-July, after the completion of the initial EcoPass distribution, the Sustainability Section will start to distribute passes to temporary employees.
      • A Sustainability Section employee will be in touch with the employee’s supervisor, to confirm the request and let the supervisor know if there are EcoPasses available.
        • The temporary employee will need to come to the Sustainability Section, at 101 W Cherry Avenue, to pick up their EcoPass.
        • If there’s a supervisor with a large number of temporary employees who want a pass, they can fill out a spreadsheet to request the passes more efficiently. Email Jenny Niemann
        • Because temporary staff do not have City IDs, their name will be written on the pass and they must be ready to present a picture ID when riding the bus. Temporary staff will not receive City ID cards.

Mountain Line Service Doesn’t Meet Your Needs

  • If you would like to leave a comment card for Mountain Line, you can do so on the laptop or through a comment card left with Mountain Line staff.
  • Employees are also encouraged to speak to Mountain Line staff about their trip planning needs to determine if/how Mountain Line can work for their schedule.
  • NAIPTA comment form

This program provides benefits to some staff and not others. We are trying to provide the best benefits possible and help employees have multiple options to get to work. Since most employees live in the City of Flagstaff, and it serves most City facilities, the Mountain Line system is a first step towards these goals.

City Employee ID

  • City employees must carry their City employee ID when using their ecoPASS. EcoPASS cards are used by many employers in Flagstaff, including the County and NAU, and Mountain Line drivers must be able to verify that the person using an ecoPASS is actually the valid pass holder.
  • When an ecoPASS is used, the driver has the right to ask for identification - the identification City of Flagstaff employees need to show is their City employee ID. Drivers will not always ask for ID, but sometimes will.
  • If a city employee does not have a City ID, they should fill out the ID request form.
  • If an ecoPASS is fraudulently used (i.e. used by someone other than the City employee), it will be confiscated by the Mountain Line driver and reported to the City of Flagstaff. If an employee’s pass is found to be used fraudulently, that employee might not be eligible to receive a replacement pass.

More Information

  • There is a new CityNet webpage on commute options and how to use an ecoPASS – coming soon!
  • Go to Mountain Line website for more information on the Mountain Line system.

Ongoing Pass Distribution

Current employees:

  • Employees can stop by the Sustainability Section at 101 W Cherry Avenue to pick up an ecoPASS from staff members at any time.