What's New with Our Police Department

Involved in an Accident?

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to announce an additional service. Beginning April 25th, citizens can report motor vehicle collisions utilizing an online form. This online form is for citizens who have left the scene and need to report a late collision. This form can also be used for Hit and Run crashes with no suspect information. The form is found on the city website. This form is not meant to replace any service already provided. If citizens choose, they can still file collision reports either in person or over the phone. We hope the ease of an online form will be a welcome option to the citizens who desire it. The online form will probably be most effective after a severe storm resulting in a high number of crashes. All online collision reports will be assigned to a Traffic Officer for further investigation and proper documentation.

New Record Hours

The Flagstaff Police Department Records is pleased to announce new hours of operation, effective May 14, 2017. The new hours are Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm The change in hours will help to increase the amount of staff during the week to process reports, requests, and upload information into the Records Management System in a much more efficient manner.

During this new change we have increased our online services to include:

  • Requesting a police or accident report?
  • Requesting a background check
  • Requesting a Ride A Long with an Officer form

Have a Traffic Issue in your neighborhood or school area?

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to provide an On-Line Form for reporting of traffic complaints. This new service will enable our citizens to notify their police department of on-going traffic issues. Officers will then increase enforcement efforts in these complaint zones. The online form can be found on the City of Flagstaff web page and the Flagstaff Police Department's Facebook page. We hope this new service promotes shared responsibility between the citizens and the police of Flagstaff.