Flagstaff's First Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Flagstaff is creating its first Climate Plan.

This plan will serve as a roadmap for how Flagstaff prepares for, and responds to climate change.

Basic timeline:

  • November 2017: The City began the planning process, collaborating with community partners and residents..
  • July 2018: We produced our first Plan Draft, for community feedback.
  • November 2018: We will provide a Final Plan to the Flagstaff City Council for their consideration.

These documents set a foundation for the Plan:

  • The Climate Profile, describing the climate changes Flagstaff is likely to see.
  • A Vulnerability Assessment, describing how these changes will impact Flagstaff, including our health, economy, infrastructure and more.

Where are we now? 

We have developed a Plan Draft, and would like community feedback through Open House events or the Community Forum Survey. This Plan Draft includes the following sections:

Join us at the July Open Houses (see below) to discuss these proposals and let us know if we've hit the mark.

What's new:

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How to get involved this Summer:

Summer Open House Series:
  Week of July 16th

Tuesday July 17th    4:30 – 6:30 pm

Thursday July 19th   7:30 – 9:00 am

Saturday July 21st    9:30 – 11:30 am

All events located at the Murdoch Center, in the Southside Neighborhood, located at 203 E. Brannen Ave.

Attend to review proposed strategies and actions that will help Flagstaff prepare for climate change. Provide feedback on the direction the Plan is heading and submit suggestions for action.

View or share the Facebook event.

 Coffee and Climate: July 19th
The July Coffee and Climate will be held at the July 19th morning Open House.

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What's next?

  • After the July Open Houses, we will edit the Plan proposals for goals, strategies and actions according to community feedback.
  • This will all be compiled into the first draft of the Plan, which will be delivered to the community in September.
  • A final Plan will be presented for consideration by the City Council in November.

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What is a Climate Plan?

Climate Plans are comprehensive roadmaps that outline the specific activities that a community will take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. 

The Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will create a roadmap to coordinate climate preparedness and emissions reductions activities. The Plan will take into account the projected climate changes in Northern Arizona, Flagstaff's greenhouse gas emissions, community vulnerabilities, and the priorities, ideas and concerns of Flagstaff residents. The Plan will recommend the actions that achieve the greatest emission reductions or improve community resiliency.

We aim to build a plan that will rally the community around strong climate action that have multiple community benefits. Learn more about climate change in Arizona, or explore other cities' climate action plans.


Public Input So Far

Here's what we heard from the Community in January

View our Public Input Summary for the January Open House and the Community Forum. For more details:

  • Check out the Open House presentation, educational materials and display boards here.
  • See the Community Forum topic to view more results about climate change concerns, priorities, and actions. Over 150 community members contributed their ideas!

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