Management Development & Approach
LID is an ecologically friendly approach to site development and stormwater management that aims to mitigate development impacts to land, water, and air. This approach emphasizes stormwater management at the source, using small, cost-effective landscape features located at the lot level.

The goal of LID is to conserve natural systems and hydrologic functions on a site through the integration of site design and planning techniques.

Specifically, LID's aims include: 
  • Decentralizing and micromanaging stormwater at its source
  • Preserving open space and minimizing land disturbance 
  • Incorporating natural site elements (wetlands, stream corridors, mature forests) as design elements
  • Protecting natural systems and processes (drainage ways, vegetation, soils, sensitive areas) 
  • Re-examining the use and sizing of traditional site infrastructure (lots, streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks) and customizing site design to each site


For more information or for assistance with this program aspect, contact Jim Janecek at this link or by phone at 928-213-2473.