Waste to Profit

Through a partnership between Community Investment and the Sustainability Section, the City of Flagstaff is launching a Waste to Profit Program to turn troublesome waste streams into profitability.

What is it?

While Flagstaff continues to get better at recycling the waste produced by residents, businesses, and visitors, many companies produce waste and byproducts that are difficult to recycle through standard processes. These untapped waste streams have the potential to be diverted from the landfill and used as raw material for an entrepreneur or alternative company to turn a profit.

The Waste to Profit Program seeks to incentivize this by providing up to $8,000 to help take an idea and make it turn a waste stream into a product or service.

Who can benefit?

The program has the potential to bring benefits to all parties involved. Companies who produce waste as a result of their operations can reduce the money spent on disposing of that waste. That waste can then be used as a raw material to create new products, services, and profits. As a result, the community diverts more waste from the landfill, creates closed-loop systems, and fosters economic development.

How it works?

The process will begin with a “Call for Material Producers,” in which we ask businesses, non-profits, and institutions what types of materials they are producing in large quantities that are not currently being sold, recycled, or reused in another way. The resulting list of potentially divertible material will be compiled. You can find out more information on what we are looking for here.

That list will then be shared with the public through a “Call for Innovators” that outlines the process and requirements for innovators to develop proposals that will be considered for future funding. The best juried idea will receive up to $8,000 in financial support and be recognized by City Council.