Rural Floodplains

Rural Floodplain Map

The Stormwater Division of Flagstaff Water Services is providing an informational packet on how to reduce flood damage to your home, navigate FEMA development restrictions, and potentially reduce flood insurance premiums.

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Rural Floodplain Zones

10-50.90.040 Floodplains

1. Urban Floodplains

All watercourses and associated floodplains not defined as rural floodplains are urban floodplains. Urban floodplains are typically located in urbanized areas and have typically been altered from their natural state by channelization. Urban floodplains may be altered to address conveyance and erosion concerns, provided that all necessary requirements of the City’s Stormwater Regulations as administered by the Stormwater Manager are addressed. However, certain urban floodplains that have characteristics conducive to water quality, wildlife habitat, and stream ecology should be preserved. Proposals for any disturbance of these watercourses shall be reviewed by the Stormwater Manager and must address these attributes and provide for mitigation if necessary. Undergrounding of urban floodplains is strongly discouraged and a justification must be provided prior to any approval of undergrounding. 

2. Rural Floodplains 

Rural floodplains are natural undisturbed open spaces that are unsuitable for development purposes due to periodic flood inundation and the need to preserve the stream corridor for beneficial uses such as the preservation of important ecological resources. Rural floodplains are delineated in Section 10-90.50.030 (Rural Floodplain Map) and defined as areas of delineated 100-year floodplain that cannot be disturbed or developed except for roadway and utility crossings. Rural floodplains cannot be altered through a floodplain map amendment or revision and must remain undisturbed (i.e. 100 percent protection). The extension of rural floodplains beyond the limits of the delineated floodplains, both upstream and laterally, may be required based on more current or extended floodplain studies, master plan documents or other studies or documents related to hydrology, hydraulics, stream geomorphology, wildlife habitat, or wildlife corridors.  


Limits of Rural Floodplain Designation

New Additions

The Stormwater Section maintains a list of new additions to the Rural Floodplain that are added from various methods including, but not limited to, land annexations and property agreements. Always contact the Stormwater Section to learn about any development restrictions for floodplains, watercourses or drainage conveyances on property. Please contact Monica Rabb, either by email at or by telephone at 928-213-2473.

Bow & Arrow

From its confluence with the Rio de Flag, upstream to easterly property line APN 105-11-025 on Zuni Drive.

Clay Avenue Wash

From the intersection at Longview Road and Tower Road, upstream to the upper limits of FEMA floodplain.

Fay Canyon Wash

All FEMA mapped floodplain areas within the city limits

Peaceful Valley Wash

From the southern property line of APN 117-27-052, upstream to the upper limits of FEMA floodplain.

Rain Valley Road Wash

From the confluence of the Rio de Flag upstream to Route 66.

Skunk Canyon Wash

All FEMA mapped floodplain areas within the city limits.

Ponderosa Wash (Unnamed Wash by FEMA)

From the northerly property line of APN 103-27-003K upstream to the upper limits of FEMA floodplain.

Walnut Creek

All FEMA mapped floodplain areas within the city limits.

Rio De Flag

Picture Canyon Area

From City Limits upstream to Route 66. 

Central Region

From the westerly property line of Foxglenn Park upstream to Lone Tree Road and Franklin Avenue.

Cheshire Area

From southerly properly line of APN 111-01-001P upstream to Freemont Boulevard. 

Sinclair Wash

Lone Tree Road Area

From its confluence with the Rio de Flag upstream to San Francisco Street.

University Heights Area

From the northern property line of APN 112-05-001S upstream to the center of APN 112-10-025C.

Switzer Canyon Wash

Butler Avenue Area

From its confluence with the Rio de Flag upstream to the confluence of Spruce Avenue Wash.

Switzer Canyon Area

 From Turquoise Drive upstream to Forest Avenue.