Letter of Map Amendment

The table below contains a pdf link to each of the LOMAs listed. The listing is alphabetical, by street name. If you need additional information or assistance with the LOMAs, please contact Ed Schenk, either by email or by telephone at 928-213-2470.

Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) PDF Link

Blackbird Roost Street

Coburn Drive

Country Club Drive

Edgewood Street

Faiths Way

Fairview Drive

Forest Brook Street

Fountaine Street

Grandview Drive

Hopi Drive

Huntington Drive

Juniper Avenue

Kaibab Lane

Lake Mary Road

Laurel Loop

Leroux Street

Mark Lane

Marty's Way

Mattingly Loop

Meadow Lark Drive

Milton Road

Mountain Drive

Navajo Drive

Oak Street

Oakmont Drive

Old Walnut Canyon Road

Oleary Street

Pipit Place

Route 66

Sandstone Way

San Francisco Street

Shellie Drive

Skyline Drive

Turquoise Drive

Verde Street

Walapai Drive

Zuni Drive

Loma's Reauthorized with the September 3, 2010 Map Revision