Proposed Map Revisions

The Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for a community depicts land which has been determined to be subject to a 1% (100-year) or greater annual chance of flooding in any given year.  The FIRM, which is published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is used to determine flood insurance rates and to help the community with floodplain management. New FIRM panels were published for the entire City on September 3, 2010. Digital copies of these FIRMs are available at this link DFIRM Page.

The City of Flagstaff is applying for Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in order to adjust the flood hazard boundaries shown on many of the new FIRM panels.  A map showing the areas of proposed LOMRs is shown below. Changes are proposed in these areas in order to more accurately show the floodplain and floodway limits. These changes are not the result of any new engineering studies or any actual or proposed physical changes to the watercourse. They are intended only to correct the new FIRM panels to more accurately show previously determined flood hazards.

 LOMR Locations  LOMR Locations

Follow the links below to see the most recent information and the progress on a particular map change. If you have questions about these changes please contact Jim Janecek, with the Stormwater Management Section, at 928-213-2472.

   Proposed Floodplain Map Revisions
 1     Clay Avenue Wash Near Westglenn Mobile Home Park (Revised)
 2 Country Club Wash    Near E. Bearpaw and E. Valley View Roads (Revised       
 3 Penstock Wash Near the Flagstaff Auto Mall (Revised)
 4 Rio de Flag Near Walnut Meadows, Walnut Canyon Hills & Walnut Canyon Village Townhomes subdivisions (Revised)
 5 Rio de Flag Near Herold Ranch Road (Revised) 
 6 Rio de Flag Near Inland Shores Drive & E. Green Mountain Drive  (In Progress) 
 7 Rio de Flag In the Downtown area  (In Progress)
 8 Sinclair Wash Near Sinclair Springs Townhomes  (In Progress)   
 9 Sinclair Wash Near W. Constitution Blvd.  (Revised) 
 10 Spruce Avenue Wash Near N. Paradise Road  (In Progress)
 11 Switzer Canyon Wash Near Oak Park Manor Townhomes  (Revised) 
 12 West Street Wash  Near Coconino High School (Revised)