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DarkSkiesInternational Dark Skies Annual Report

The City of Flagstaff holds the distinct honor of being designated by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) as the world's first Dark Sky Community in 2001. One of the city's requirements to continue to hold this prestigious accreditation is the submission of an annual report. This annual report is completed and submitted by city staff, it is developed in concert and collaboration with the Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition.

City Zoning Code: Outdoor Lighting Standards

As an International Dark Sky City, Flagstaff strives to meet certain standards with regards to light pollution. Flagstaff has been recognized for its pioneering work in the development and implementation of lighting codes that balance the need to preserve Flagstaff's dark sky resource with the need for safe lighting practices.

For more information about Flagstaff Zoning Code and Lighting Standards applicable to these efforts, please visit Division 10-50.70: Outdoor Lighting Standards.


Read the Griffith Observer's article from 2002 on "Flagstaff's Battle for Dark Skies (PDF)."

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