Water Wise Business Certification Program

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Are You a Flagstaff Business Looking to Save Water & Money

The Water Wise Business Certification Program is a great way to show your customers that you're a conservation-minded business.

Call us at 928-213-2116 or email the Water Rebate program and one of our staff members will help enroll your business in the Water Wise Business Program.

What Does It Take to Be a Water Wise Business?

First, one month of the Check Up. We will provide free water-efficient devices like aerators, showerheads, and pre-rinse spray valves (for commercial kitchens). If you qualify for rebates - we'll help walk you through that application process. If your business has landscaping, we'll provide a monthly watering budget, based on Flagstaff's unique climate.

Second, meet these Criteria:

  1. Ensure all leaks are fixed.
  2. Ensure that all toilets operate at minimum, at the federal plumbing standard of 1.28 gallons/flush.
  3. Ensure that all faucets (excluding utility sinks) have aerators that meet, at minimum, federal plumbing standards.
  4. Meet other federal plumbing standards, as applicable, based on findings by the Water Conservation Staff.
  5. Work with Water Conservation Staff on an outdoor watering budget, if applicable.
  6. Invite Water Conservation Staff back for final inspection once the above criteria have been met.

FINALLY: Receive the Water Wise Business Certification and we'll promote your savings online, with a certificate and we'll make a video with you!

Check out the Commercial Rebates for more ways to save water and money!

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For 2017-2019 the Flagstaff City Council set a goal to become a national leader in water conservation in all sectors.

This is an opportunity for industry, municipalities, homes, businesses, and schools to take a look at their water use to see if there are simple ways to save water and money!

What resources can I share with my customers to show people that I care about water conservation?

We will provide a water savings certificate, sticker, window cling, and digital logo (see below) that you can use to let your customers know that you are doing your part to conserve water in Flagstaff. We've also got fact sheets and brochures all about water conservation in Flagstaff that can give to customers.

My water bill is so low; why should I worry about conservation?

We want to use our water resources responsibly and ensure the long-term supply of our water sources. As our town grows, its even more critical to use water wisely. Conservation can help delay expensive projects to acquire new water sources. 

Are you interested in taking part? We would love to connect with you.

Call the Water Conservation Department at 928-213-2116 or email us at Savewater@flagstaffaz.gov to learn more!

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