Additional Reclaimed Water Infrastructure

The City of Flagstaff has been using reclaimed water for irrigation since 1965. The City's reclaimed water system was expanded in the mid-1990's when the Rio de Flag Water Reclamation Plant was constructed as a scalping plant, treating liquids only and sending solids to the Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant. Effluent from both Water Reclamation Plants is currently distributed for use. 

As a part of the reclaimed water system, the "purple pipe" distribution network was designed to provide reclaimed water to larger-volume outdoor water users as a way to conserve potable water supplies for human consumption and household uses. The map, below, displays the current reclaimed water pipe networks.

Today, reclaimed water makes up 20% of the city's total deliveries. In the future, expansion of the existing reclaimed water infrastructure could offset even more of our potable water usage and allow for a variety of new reclaimed water users, including businesses and households.

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Considerations for Expanding the System


  • Identify remaining options for large volume outdoor users, including neighborhoods
  • Determine the potable volume offset by converting to reclaimed water


  • Identify options for retrofitting existing homes and businesses for dual plumbing
  • Identify new developments as options for dual plumbing
  • Determine potable volume offset by converting to reclaimed water


  • Cost to construct pipeline and any additional storage required 
  • Annual operation and maintenance costs
  • Necessary easements
  • Perform cost/benefit analysis of potable volume saved, avoided costs, etc.
  • Weigh system expansion against other water supply options