Bike Share Pilot

Bike share pilot update:

The 6-month Flagstaff bike share pilot program is coming to a close. SPIN will remove its bikes from Flagstaff in mid-October.

What we have learned:

In the first five months of the pilot, over 10,000 miles were ridden on shared bikes.

A public survey was conducted during the pilot program, to help the City learn how community members were using bike share during its development and implementation, if residents of Flagstaff found bike share useful, and how they thought bike share could improve.

We discovered that most survey takers enjoyed bike share and thought it was a useful transportation option for Flagstaff. The biggest concern of the community was the dispersal of the bikes in public spaces. Many members of the public requested specific parking areas for bikes, including docking stations, or designated parking zones.

What's next:

The City is partnering with NAU to develop a Request for Proposals to bike share vendors, that can work closely with the city to create a bike share service that is beneficial to the citizens of Flagstaff. The City is seeking to partner with a qualified bike share company that provides a citywide, affordable transportation service to Flagstaff residents and visitors.

Bike Share Frequently Asked Questions

What is bike share?

Bike share is a public transportation service via bicycles. This service allows people to borrow a bike for a short period of time for a fee. Through bike share programs, anyone with a smart phone can download a bike share app, find a bike near them, pay for a rental, and ride a bike.

Why did we have bike share? 

The City and NAU created a six-month pilot program to test bike share in Flagstaff. This pilot program allowed one bike share company to operate a limited number of bikes in The City of Flagstaff and on the NAU campus, to provide the community with experience and data on how bike share works in Flagstaff. SPIN, a private company, provided bike share service in Flagstaff during this pilot period.

The pilot provided the City and NAU with the opportunity to avoid the challenges many other cities have faced related to dockless bike share, including the dumping of bikes from many bike share companies.

How did the bike share pilot go?

The pilot program successfully introduced community-wide bike share to the Flagstaff community for the first time. This program allowed the city the ability to gather data regarding the feasibility of a bike share program operating in Flagstaff and how often bike share would be used. This program allowed the citizens and tourists of Flagstaff to experience a new and vital transportation option. Respondents to the City’s bike share survey

What will happen to all the bikes in Flagstaff?
SPIN has slowly been collecting their bikes around Flagstaff, and will have all their bikes collected by mid-October.