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You Are Invited to Speak to Your City Council

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City Council Meetings & Work Sessions

  • The first and third Tuesdays of the month are official City Council Meetings. The meeting starts at 3:00 pm.
  • The second and fourth Tuesdays of the month are City Council Work Sessions. This meeting starts at 3:00 pm.
  • Council Chambers of City Hall, 211 W Aspen Avenue

All meetings are streamed lived and then archived for later review: Streaming City Council Meetings. Meetings are also replayed on cable television. The meetings replay on Cable Channel 59 on Wednesday at 8 pm, Saturday at Noon, and Sunday at 8 am.

Public Participation

Public participation takes place at the beginning of each meeting. On the first and third Tuesday, public participation will take place at the beginning of the meeting at 3:00 pm. On the second and fourth Tuesday, public participation will take place at the beginning of the meeting at 3:00 pm and again at the end of the meeting. Your comments are accepted at any meeting, however, your comments are considered part of the official record only when they are given at an official City Council Meetings.

How Do Items Get on an Agenda?

The agenda is set by the City Manager, as authorized in the City Charter. Additionally, there are a few different ways that an item may be placed on an agenda:

  1. Councilmembers may bring an item forward by requesting it be placed on an agenda under Future Agenda Item Requests (F.A.I.R.) at the end of Regular Meeting agendas. If at least two Councilmembers agree to move the item forward, it will be placed on the Future Agenda Request (F.A.R.) list and placed on a future agenda by the City Manager.
  2. A Citizen Petition may be submitted to the City Manager's Office. Once it is filed, the City Manager has 31 days in which to place it on a Regular Meeting as a Future Agenda Item Request (F.A.I.R.) to determine if at least two Councilmembers wish to move it forward to a future agenda.