Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply before I am 21 years old?

          -Yes, you can apply before turning 21 years old; however you must turn 21 prior to completing the Police Academy. 

2. I have taken my NTN, how do I know what to do next?

          -If you have successfully completed the NTN with passing scores, you will be sent an invitation to participate in the physical agility test and a request for your applications will also be sent. 

3. Where do I send my applications?

          - Applications can be submitted to City Hall, 211 W. Aspen Flagstaff, AZ 86001 in the HR department (located on the right as you pass the stairs)

4. Can I mail in my application?

           -Yes, applications can be mailed in. Please submit everything all at once (city application and Flagstaff Police Department background application) 

5. Can I type my application out?

         - No, your application must be hand written. 

6. If I have a criminal history, can I still apply?

          - Yes. All criminal history’s will be reviewed to make sure you are within FPD hiring policy guidelines and meet POST minimum qualifications

7. If I am applying for an internship/volunteer with/for the Police Department what do I need?

          - You need to submit both a background application and city hall application listing “internship” or “Volunteer” in the ‘position applying for’ section. A background investigator will reach out to you and schedule an interview. All intern and volunteer applicants will be subject to the same hiring standards as Police Officers. Please review minimum qualifications to determine eligibility.

8. Can I be an intern without being associated with a University?

          -No. In order to obtain an internship with the Flagstaff Police Department you must be affiliated with a University and receive course credit.

9. Are only Northern Arizona University Students considered for internships?

          -No. If you are associated with a different academic institute you will be considered, as long as it is being received as course credit. You will need the internship coordinators contact information available if selected.

10. Which academy does the Flagstaff Police Department use?

          FPD generally uses the Phoenix Regional Police Academy (Phoenix) and the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy (NARTA). We occasionally send recruits to other training academies depending on hiring needs and/or seat availability at the academy. 

11. If I am sent to an academy do I need to find my own housing accommodations?

          -No. FPD will handle any long term accommodations for the academy. Recruits will share rooms with other recruits from either the same department or a different department for the duration of their academy time. 

12. Do I have to live in the accommodations provided by the Flagstaff Police Department?

          -No. If you wish to get your own apartment or stay with friends/family while attending the academy you are encouraged to do so at your own financial expense.

13. If I have had police contact since turning in my background packet will I be disqualified?

          -Not necessarily. It will depend on the type of contact (arrest, traffic violation, civil matter etc.) It is highly recommended you contact a background investigator to provide an update. In the update please include a date, time, involved agency (DPS, CCSO, FPD…) and a detailed synopsis of what occurred. You will have an opportunity to update your background packet upon arriving for a background interview. The synopsis will be attached to your background packet.

14. Does FPD have take-home cars?


15. Does  FPD have a K9 Unit?

          -No , not yet...

16. Does FPD supply all uniform and equipment required?

          -No. FPD will supply new hires with a uniform allowance and it is up to the Officer to make the appropriate purchases. You will receive guidance with this during pre-academy FPD will supply some equipment such as but not limited to Tasers, pepper spray, batons, riot gear, axon cameras etc.