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Post Date: 1/05/22


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As we begin the new year, Water Services would like to acknowledge our customers for doing their part to conserve our most precious resource – water. And the story is not just about water-use efficiency implemented by customers, it’s about energy and water efficiency in utility operations.

Energy audits identify and prioritize efficiency upgrades in operations. For example, equipping motors and pumps with variable frequency drives increases electrical efficiency and saves thousands of dollars per year.

Water loss audits identify leaks and failures in our water system. Comparing the total volume of water produced to billing data provides macro-level insights on the magnitude of water loss. And installing additional flow/pressure sensors throughout the water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and stormwater systems provides data to pinpoint losses and fix problems. 

Conducting audits and tracking down inefficiencies is also good for the environment. Most Water Services projects directly support the City’s Carbon Neutrality Plan. Customers can support these efforts by scheduling a free water audit with our Water Conservation team. We’re offering retrofits for local schools, businesses, and residents. For details, email  It’s good for the community.

Wishing you a safe and healthy New Year!

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