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Fiscal year 2021 (beginning July 1) kicks off with several shovel-ready Capital Improvement Projects. These projects will keep high-quality water flowing to Flagstaff residents.

As a part of the City’s aging infrastructure waterline replacement program, Water Services will replace the water main along Summit Avenue and Spring Street in downtown Flagstaff from Santa Fe to Grand Canyon Avenue. The project will replace undersized galvanized steel water mains installed in 1926 that have exceeded their asset life. The new pipe will be 8-inch diameter PVC water mains that will help improve water quality and fire flows available in this neighborhood. Also, a project on Mesa Drive and Fir Avenue in the Mount Elden Park Subdivision, north of Flagstaff Medical Center, includes water main replacement as well as installing 26 new service connections and six fire hydrants.

These projects will expand the service area and improve the reliability of our distribution system. Increased access to fire hydrants reduces the risk of fire damage during fire season. To get more information on the FY-21 Water Services Projects, check out our Capital Improvement Map.

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