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Construction 1 Opens in new windowWater Services is finishing up rehabilitation of the water storage clarifier tank at the Woody Mountain Booster Station. This clarifier serves the city’s largest wellfield, removing sands and sediments from the groundwater, with a total production capacity of over a billion gallons per year.  

Construction 2The ten wells in the Woody Mountain Wellfield provide 20% of the City’s annual water demand. This 60-year-old asset was well overdue for refurbishment. In addition to a new 300,000-gallon holding tank, the interior walkway and platform were re-designed for better safety. With new lighting, wiring, a moisture-resistant canopy and an access-friendly roof, this facility is ready to serve the community for another 60 years.  

Follow the project’s progress in this story map or by viewing it below. Water Services remains committed to keeping a safe and reliable water supply flowing today, tomorrow, and for decades to come. 

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