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Keep Flagstaff’s Water Clean: Only Snow and Rain in Stormwater Drains

Debris clogs the grate in Fanning Wash / Staff clear the channel to reduce the risk of flooding.Keeping our waterways clean and healthy is a community-wide effort. Contaminants in the form of trash, debris and sediment from construction are the top pollutants in storm drains, causing unnecessary clogs, flooding, and water quality concerns. Even runoff from pure rain and snow picks up contaminants in local drainages.

Community Outreach - The Flagstaff Water Services Stormwater Section provides useful information and engages in community outreach to encourage businesses and residents to do their part. The following link, Only Rain Down the Drain, is a good example of information designed to encourage specific behaviors, including: 

  • Avoiding Styrofoam cups and plastic bags by using reusable cups and bags.
  • Making sure your trashcans are not releasing litter into gutters.­­­
  • Keeping gutters clear of lawn clippings, leaves, chemicals, and car fluids.
  • Picking up pet waste and disposing of it properly.

To view the work being done in the City, visit the Stormwater Maintenance page on the City’s website. Doing what we can today is important as we look forward to the benefits of the Rio de Flag Flood Control Project, a large drainage improvement coming to Flagstaff in the next year 

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