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A Year of Progress and Projects

Annual Report to the Water Commission now available

Post Date: 8/16/2023

The Annual Report to the Water Commission is now available on the website. This is your guide to in-depth data on water production, treatment, and use throughout Flagstaff’s water system. This comprehensive report details the activities of all Water Services Sections from Production to Distribution, Wastewater Collections to Reclamation and Reclaimed Water, Engineering, Compliance, SCADA, and Stormwater in calendar year 2022.  It covers the year’s efforts in Water Resources and Stormwater Management, as well as a review of accomplishments aligned to the 2025 Strategic Plan. The report also covers infrastructure projects, conservation activities, and accomplishments. 

This is a bird’s eye view of behind-the-scenes work done every day by your Water Services team to keep your water flowing while remaining clean, fresh, and reliable. 

This 79-page report is easily accessible on our website. If you would like a paper copy, please send a request to


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