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Planning for Flagstaff's Water Future

Reclaimed Water SystemFlagstaff Water Services is taking an exciting step in planning for the city’s water future with the Reclaimed Water Master Plan. Currently, only one-third of the Class A+ reclaimed water produced by the City is committed for non-potable re-use. Nevertheless, this reduces potable water usage by 20%. The remaining Class A+ water is released into the Rio de Flag drainage in compliance with our permit. 

The Reclaimed Water Master Plan will outline strategies to utilize uncommitted reclaimed water to support future water needs. A Community Stakeholder Committee on Reclaimed Water (CSCRW) has been formed to review reclaimed water options related to city and community values, then discuss appropriate strategies for Flagstaff. 

To learn more about committee members, the options under consideration and follow the plan’s development, visit the Water Services webpage at You can leave comments on the website, or contact the Water Resources Manager Erin Young at, or (928) 213-2405 with any questions.   

Flagstaff’s water future is more important than ever. Planning is a critical first step.

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