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Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week
Enjoy a tall glass of clean water on us
Post Date: 5/8/2023

May 8-12 marks the fifth annual Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week. Organized by the Arizona Water Association, this week is held to recognize the important role water professionals play in ensuring reliable access to clean, safe water. It also offers an opportunity to highlight the diverse career paths available in water-related fields, as well as Arizona’s unique water resources. 

Thousands of professionals specializing in engineering, hydrology, hydrogeology, water operations, biology, policy, economics, business administration, law, communications, and more make up Arizona’s water industry. 

To celebrate all the hard work put into keeping water flowing and the public informed, the Arizona Hydrological Society is once again hosting a Northern Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Event at the Museum Club on Friday, May 12, from 6-9 p.m. Water professionals get in free; $20 for the public. Register by May 10.

Flagstaff Water Services works diligently to respond to water line breaks and flooding, design and run facilities, procure services, plan proactively, drill wells, develop policy, collect and analyze samples, and more to ensure high standards of cleanliness and sustainability.

Remember to thank a water professional when you fill up a glass of fresh water from your tap this week.

Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week

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