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Stay Safe this Monsoon Season
Your City - County Staff are Working to Protect the Community
Post Date:   7/20/2021

With monsoon season in full swing, Flagstaff Water Services wants you to know that safety is our top priority. Water Services staff member clears debris from storm drainProtecting homes, businesses, livelihoods, and critical infrastructure through proactive maintenance is a year-round effort. While the City works on strategic improvements to ensure long-term safety, we ask the community to follow these safety measures during extreme flood events.

Are you prepared to stay safe? 
  • Keep your distance from flash flood flows. Surges in flows can easily sweep people, particularly children, off their feet. Do not get close to the flood water and never try to cross it. 
  • Remove debris from your property. If you are able, move debris from your property onto the street so County and City Public Works crews can sweep it with their heavy equipment. 
  • Utilize sandbags for flood protection. A self-fill sandbag station is available for pick-up at Coconino County Health and Human Services, 2625 King Street. A new sandbag station has been established at the south parking lot of Coconino High School located at 2801 N Izabel. Review these resources to properly install your sandbags
  • Do not park cars on streets where flood debris is present. On Streets prone to severe flooding, parked cars can prevent sandbags from doing their job – protecting your property. 
  • Be prepared for more rain. Be alert and ready to shelter in place if necessary. Keep your phones charged and assemble an Emergency Kit, packed with water, food, medications. 
  • Track the weather. Follow the latest Museum Fire scar weather conditions and National Weather Service notifications at Weather.gov/fgz/MuseumFireFloodRisk
  • Sign up for emergency alertsCoconino.az.gov/readyOr email updates at museumfloodinfo@coconino.az.gov.
  • Museum Flood Area Call Center: Hours of operation may shift depending on weather events. The phone number is (928) 679-8525. 
  • Sign up for targeted alerts of potential flood risk in your neighborhood at: Flagstaffaz.gov/rainalerts.
  • Talk to the Stormwater Section (928) 213-2472 about protecting your house or business from flood damage.
  • Report any water quality concerns or wastewater issues to Water Services Staff (928) 774-0262.

 We are in this together!
The 2020 Report to the Water Commission is now Available! 
Read About Activities from Calendar Year 2020 in this Comprehensive Report
Post Date:   7/14/2021

Want to know the status of water in Flagstaff? Water Services has posted the annual Report to the Water Commission on the website! Some notable events discussed in the report include:

  • Erin Young, R.G., is currently serving as Interim Director. 
  • Operations remained steady throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to a skilled and dedicated staff. 
  • Water Services received a Gold status on the Alliance for Water Efficiency Leaderboard. Flagstaff is the first Arizona Utility to make the Leaderboard! 
  • The EPA gave Flagstaff an Excellence Award for its WaterSense Product Promotions. 
  • Flagstaff’s City Code for Industrial Pretreatment Program was streamlined.
  • The Water Conservation Strategic Plan was adopted.
  • The Stormwater Team gained momentum through initiating a proactive maintenance program

Access the full Water Commission Report to learn more. Interested in being informed and involved? Stream the Water Commission Meetings, held on the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM. 

We have openings for new Commission members. We invite you to get involved by applying to serve on the Water Commission! 

Water Services Staff Photo, 2021 Online Retreat


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