Rainwater Container Program

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Over 47,720 Gallons of Water Saved Annually!

Want a free 55-gallon rain barrel? We're repurposing barrels that were used in the water treatment process, or in the production of Purina products or Joy Cone products. We drill a hole in the tops of the barrels and the lower side of the barrels for a spigot. We install spigots/bibs in each barrel so you can hook up a hose and start watering your garden with collected rainwater. Did you know that 1000 ft2 of roof surface area can generate 600 gallons with 1 inch of rain!?

Retrofitted Totes - ON HOLD

We are also giving away retrofitted totes - plastic 270-gallon cubes that used to contain a polymer used in the water treatment process. We install a spigot in the bottom of these before handing them off to the public.

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Rainwater Harvesting

If you install a rainwater harvesting container that exceeds 1000 gallons of water storage capacity you can get a rebate for $100 from us! Go to Water Rebates to fill out an application and submit proof-of-purchase. 

ON HOLD - Fill out this form to get on the waiting list - but know that the wait may be long!

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