2017 Water Talk News

Arizona Pure Brew Water Challenge...in Flagstaff

Flagstaff is one of three municipalities in Arizona providing purified reclaimed water, as part of the Pure Water Brew Challenge. This project is Arizona's first multi-barrier advanced treatment facility...and it's on a semi truck! This public outreach campaign is aimed at educating the public about the capabilities of water treatment technology: Judge Water By Its Quality, Not Its History. Public outreach is happening around the state at these events. 

Getting water to local breweries is a two part process: first, the advanced water treatment truck and water quality team came to the Rio de Flag Water Reclamation Plant on June, 26th to process water and collect purified reclaimed water samples for extensive sampling and quality verification. The truck came back to Flagstaff on August 3 and 4 to make water that was provided to local brewers including Dark Sky, Wanderlust, Historic, Oak Creek and Granite Mountain! Beer from these breweries will be submitted for professional judging in September at the National Water Reuse Symposium in Phoenix.

Here is a video explaining the project!