1. Low Water Gardening Resources
  2. Low Water Gardening Products and Plant Retailers

Garden in Flagstaff - a comprehensive website all about the microclimates, soil conditions, and appropriate plants for the Flagstaff area

Master Gardner Program of Coconino County - become a master gardner and/or check out lots of great growing resources

Native Perennial Plants of Northern Arizona - created by the 2017 group of Master Gardners

Flagstaff Planting Guide - available at Warner’s, Homco, Olsens, The Museum on N AZ, The Arboretum, Flagstaff Native Plant & Seed

Flagstaff Fabulous Plants - a list of sun-loving, low-water plants adapted to this area

Arizona Native Plant Society - a nonprofit organization devoted to Arizona's native plants. Its mission is to promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and restoration of Arizona native plants and their habitats

Northern Arizona Invasive Plants - a homeowners guide to identifying and managing invasive plants

Xeriscape Council of New Mexico - green-industry professionals interested in water conservation that sponsor educational programs, training sessions and conferences on resource efficient landscaping and related subjects.

Water Use is Wisely - Arizona's water conservation campaign - includes low water landscape design ideas

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