Energy Legislation

Residential Sustainable Building Incentive

The City of Flagstaff Zoning Code contains a Residential Sustainable Building Standard, which rewards homebuilders who go above and beyond the current building code. This is an OPTIONAL standard for homebuilders who wish to participate.

Summary of proposed changes - review the full changes here.

  • Change the title from Standards to Incentive.
  • Incorporate building electrification into the requirements to further the goals of the building electrification plan.
  • Require sustainability features to be integrated into the entire building, as opposed to just a portion of units.
  • Change the energy efficiency requirements and provide multiple compliance paths.
  • Increase the difference between the building code and incentive requirements.

 City Council reviewed this incentive on March 1st, 2022, as part of their City Council meeting. More information:

  • Review a City Council report on this incentive, including:
    • Incentive background
    • A review of energy standards referenced in the code.
    • A comparison of compliance paths and energy efficiency.
  • Review materials related to the agenda item.

Energy Efficiency Resolution

In 2010, the Flagstaff City Council passed resolution 2010-16 (PDF) promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy at City facilities. The resolution sets requirements based on the City's electricity consumption. The City is required to meet:

  • 15% of the City's energy consumption by 2012 through renewable energy generation and/or purchasing
  • 20% by 2015
  • 35% by 2020
  • 50% by 2050

Sustainable Building Resolution

In March of 2014, the Flagstaff City Council adopted a Resolution requiring all City-owned new construction and major renovations to achieve certification in one of the three sustainable building certification programs or high-performance building code. This will help us protect natural resources, prevent waste, and reduce consumption in future construction. Read the resolution (PDF).