City of Flagstaff Employee Transportation Options

The City of Flagstaff has numerous transportation programs for employees.

We want to help make your commute easier, healthier, and less stressful, whichever mode you choose. Click on the tabs below to explore each employee program.

  • EcoPasses - free Mountain Line bus system passes for employees.
  • Employee parking - how to get a permit if you work downtown.
  • Parking reduction incentive - if you free up a parking spot for someone else, you can receive benefits.
  • Employee bike fleet - take a City Fleet Bike to meetings around town.
  • Wheeler Park fix-It stand - have a flat tire or need to fix your bike? Stop by the fix-it stand.

Why try a different commute?

Biking, walking or taking the bus to work can have the following benefits:

  • Save money on gas and car maintenance.
  • Increasing your physical activity by 15 minutes per day (through riding a bike or walking to the bus stop) can increase productivity, improve mental health and help with your physical health goals.
  • When fewer people drive, it reduces the demand for parking in downtown Flagstaff, making room for those who must drive.
  • Walking, biking and taking the bus reduces the City's greenhouse gas emissions and shrinks your own personal carbon footprint.

For information on how to get around Flagstaff, check out MoveMeFLG.

Want help riding the bus or finding new FUTS trails? MoveMeFLG has information on walking, biking, the MountainLine, VanPool, parking, and more.MoveMeFLG Opens in new window

  1. EcoPASS   (MountainLine)
  2. Parking Reduction Incentives
  3. Employee Bike Fleet
  4. Walking and Biking
  5. Wheeler Park Fix-It Stand


Albert on Bus

An EcoPass is a Mountian Line city bus pass provided at no charge to all City employees. EcoPasses work on all Mountain Line bus routes, and can be used any time including weekends and outside of work hours. 

Why use an EcoPass?

The EcoPass can save you money on commuting to work. It could also be used to get around Flagstaff outside of work hours. The EcoPass also helps reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, cuts gas consumption, reduces traffic congestion, reduces air pollution, and can help you relax on your way to work while someone else drives.

How to ride:

  • For information on the Mountain Line bus system, routes, and to plan your bus trip to work, see
  • You can even plan out ANY trip using the bus by clicking on the bus icon in google maps directions mode.
  • MountainLine has an excellent phone app that makes riding the bus incredibly easy - you can see real-time locations of busses and map your trip. The App is available on android and apple phones.MoveMeFLG Opens in new window

Or learn more about the Mountain Line Bus system at MoveMeFLG.

To obtain an ecoPASS:

  • Stop by the Sustainability Section to pick up an EcoPass from staff members during any workday (8am - 4pm). The Sustainability Section is located in the old Mogollon Public Works Yard at 419 N Mogollon Street. You can also email to arrange a pick-up.
  • New employees receive an EcoPass during new employee orientation. 

EcoPASS program rules:

  • EcoPasses may not be given to anyone else. 
  • Do not punch a hole in your EcoPass.
  • Employees must carry their City of Flagstaff employee ID whenever using the EcoPass. Drivers can confiscate passes if no employee ID can be presented.
  • If you are a temporary employee and do not have an employee ID, your name will be written on the back of your pass, and identification should be carried at all times.
  • If your EcoPass is lost, email as soon as possible to report and cancel the lost card. There is a $3 replacement fee for all lost passes.

If you want to know more about EcoPass or would like to obtain a pass, contact