Municipal Energy Use

Energy Conservation

The city has recently undertaken the following energy conservation measures:

  • Be Resourceful employee energy use reduction campaign
  • Chiller upgrades and installations
  • Efficient lighting equipment upgrades and installation
  • Energy Meter Audit
  • Fleet replacement policy upgrade
  • Fleet utilization policy upgrades
  • HVAC upgrades and installations
  • IT visualization upgrade
  • Motor retrofits
  • Occupancy sensor installation
  • Parking lot lighting upgrades
  • Traffic lights, walk signs, and streetlights upgrades
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply installation
  • Updated energy monitoring system
  • Vending misers installation
  • Water conservation measures

Renewable Energy Generation

The City has a range of renewable energy systems throughout our Flagstaff facilities. The City's renewable energy portfolio includes the following systems in kilowatts (kW):

  • City Hall Solar Film:14.4 kW 
  • Wildcat 1 Solar Tracking Ground Mount: 285.23 kWSolar Panels
  • Wildcat 2 Solar Tracking Ground Mount: 283.25 kW
  • City Hall Solar Parking Canopies: 200.5 kW
  • Aquaplex 1 Solar Roof Mount: 93.51
  • Wildcat 3 Solar Fixed Mount: 231 kW
  • Aquaplex 2 Solar Parking Canopies: 277.2 kW
  • Rio de Flag Solar Fixed Mount: 310.2
  • Fire Station Solar Roof Mount: 7.5 kW
  • Aquaplex Solar Thermal Roof Mount: 140 kW
  • Wildcat Co-Gen Unit: 292 kW

Energy Monitoring