How To Turn Off Your Water

If you see standing or flowing water and suspect a broken pipe, immediately shut off the main water valve that supplies the house. Your shutoff valve may be one of the following two types:

Gate Valve:  

Turn valve clockwise to shutoff 

Gate Valve

Ball Valve: 

The valve is open when the handle aligns with pipe. Note: Do not touch the water pressure regulator. Call a licensed plumber to adjust water pressure.

Ball Valve Open

Valve is closed when the handle crosses pipe.

Ball Valve Closed

Everyone in your household should know where the water shutoff valve is located and how to open and close it.

2. Reduce Water Pressure

Once the main water supply is off, open all faucets and hose bibs one-quarter turn. Leave them open until repairs are complete. This is especially important if you have frozen pipes.

3. Call a Plumber

Call a licensed plumber for repairs. Property owners are responsible for maintenance and repairs on all indoor and outdoor pipes located between the meter and the house. Flagstaff Water Services is responsible for the meter (unless it has been tampered with) and the pipe connecting the meter to the public water supply pipeline in the street.

Important Reminders

Please do not shut off your water at the meter box or tamper with the meter. If you or your designee damage the meter or the valve that controls water flow through the meter, you will be billed for the cost of repairs.

Call Flagstaff Water Services if you can't find or can't turn off your house valve and need us to turn off the water at the meter. During business hours call Customer Service at (928) 213-2231. After hours call the Emergency Number at (928) 774-0262.