Additional Benefits

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Deer Oaks is the EAP Provider
  • Trained Counselors 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Toll Free Number (888) 993-7650
  • Providing free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, prevention and education services for you and your dependents. Here to provide helpful resources, guidance and support.
  • How do I begin? Call the toll free number (888) 993-7650. When you contact a Deer Oaks trained counselor, the counselor will work with you to determine your needs and what kind of provider you would like to see. After they understand your needs and any service requests such as the preferred gender of the provider or dates/times of availability, then the counselor will recommend the best Deer Oaks provider(s) that meet your needs and service requests. They will send you a list of counselors that meet your requirements to choose from and then you contact the recommended provider and schedule an appointment.
  • How many appointments are covered using Deer Oaks services? Each employee will receive six (6) free sessions each plan year (July through June). These sessions may be used for the employee or their dependent(s).
  • What if I am seeing a counselor at Flagstaff Counseling Center? In order to ensure continuity of care, if you are currently working with the Flagstaff Counseling Center, you may continue working with the Flagstaff Counseling Center until you exhaust your appointments or until December 31, 2018. You may also choose to use your insurance to continue services with Flagstaff Counseling Center past this timeframe.

Employer Assisted Housing (EAH) Program

  • This program is for first time buyers and will help with the down payment by matching funds from the employee
  • “Eligible buyers must meet employment guidelines, have worked for the City of Flagstaff in a non-temporary position for a minimum of twelve (12) consecutive months, have the most recent performance evaluation demonstrate work performance meeting or exceeding expectations, and not be on a performance work plan.”
  • If you have any questions regarding your eligibility and the program, please contact Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona (928) 214-7456
  • Based on availability of funds and if City Council approves the program each year
  • Link to Informational Session Meeting (12/07/2017)

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Say goodbye to student loans
  • Get Started Today: (866) 706-5005
  • The Forgiveness Program was designed uniquely to provide relief to those who are doing the most good for our communities every day.


Discounts on Health Related Items through Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue365 is a great way to make living well more affordable. For members of participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield Companies, Blue365 offers discounts on fitness gear, gym memberships, healthy eating options and more. Blue365 offers access to savings on items that members purchase right on the Blue365 website or on the healthy-living Vendor's websites.
  • Getting Started: SIGN UP FOR NO-FUSS EMAILS Be the first to know about the latest deals to hit Blue365. One email a week, no spam. Simple as that. TWO WAYS TO SAVE Savings are just a few clicks away. Some deals will give you a coupon code instantly on the Blue365 site. This coupon code can be applied directly to a purchase on a vendor’s website or will provide a discounted option on a product or service. Other deals may take you to a vendor’s website directly to make a discounted purchase or enroll in a special discounted program instantly. REGISTER TO WIN Every month, anyone that registers on the Blue365 site will receive an entry into a drawing for $25 retail gift card.

Repetitive Motion Therapy

  • Free, professional, 15-minute, upper body repetitive motion therapy is offered to employees in order to help prevent repetitive motion injuries.

Tobacco Cessation

  • Reimburse employees for tobacco cessation products and programs. $400 per attempt with a maximum of three reimbursements.

City Employee Bus Pass

  • This year you will receive a City Bus Pass for your use. It is good anytime the bus system is running; this includes weekends.

Continuing Education

  • The City may provide reimbursement for employees wishing to continue their education in order to expand job knowledge and upgrade their skills.