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Conserve2Enhance or C2E links participant donations, based on their water savings, to funding for local environmental enhancement projects. By creating a C2E account you gain access to the free C2E Water Use DashboardTM.  This online tool allows you to see water use data for your home or business, track your water use over time, learn where you have the most potential to save, and put your water savings to work to support enhancement projects!   Our first community project is the Water Conservation Volunteer Day - Sept 26th, 2018 at Ponderosa High School. 

Water Conservation Volunteer Day! 

Wednesday, Sept 26th, 4-6pm

2384 N Steves Blvd (Ponderosa High School)


Learn about water conservation through rainwater harvesting! We need your help in winterizing/insulating a rainwater harvesting tank at the Terra Birds demonstration garden. The stored rainwater will be used to help Ponderosa High School students care for their school’s garden! Sponsored by Flagstaff Conserve2Enhance and Terra Birds.

Terra Birds empowers youth and citizens to engage responsibly with their environment by focusing on low water landscaping, local food production, and school gardening programs. At their headquarters (adjacent to Ponderosa High School), they have begun building a roof-rainwater catchment system. They have a skeleton of a cistern that will hold roof runoff. Using a pump and a re-purposed fire hose, they plan to connect this cistern to a rainwater tank upslope of their garden. The tank needs to be winterized with an apron and insulation as well to ensure it is ready for our winter season. This rainwater harvesting system will allow Terra Birds and their student groups to irrigate their garden with rainwater rather than potable water for significant portions of the year.

Flagstaff Conserve2Enhance connects your water savings to community action. Your donations, based on water savings, provide funding for watershed enhancement and community empowerment projects in Flagstaff. This volunteer day will be Flagstaff Conserve2Enhance's first project!

We can't wait to see you out there. All are welcome!

Wear durable clothes, close-toed shoes, and bring a water bottle. All other tools and training will be provided by Terra BIRDS 

C2E volunteer day poster