Scavenger Waste Disposal: Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant

final wildcat hill waste disposal site map_6.20

The Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation Plant accepts grease, septage and river can waste from permitted scavenger waste haulers. Learn more about our hours of operations and guidelines for acceptance by downloading our rate and hours guide (PDF) and quick reference guide (PDF). A complete manifest is required for every load that comes to the Wildcat Hill WRP.

Haulers must be permitted to bring these wastes to the Wildcat Hill WRP. The permit application (PDF) is available by download. Each truck, regardless of ownership, must be permitted and apply for a separate permit.

Grease is only accepted in a 20-mile radius from the Wildcat WRP. A map (PDF) of the acceptance area is also available for download. Please call the scavenger waste hotline at 928-213-2480 for a recording of the most up to date information, or 928-526-2520, if you need technical assistance.