Flagstaff Sustainability Leader Course

The Climate Leader and Master Recycler programs were merged in to the new Sustainability Leader course, an exciting new opportunity to educate and engage the Flagstaff community and encourage climate action.

Inaugural Flagstaff Climate Leader Cohort

The inaugural Flagstaff Climate Leader cohort was formally recognized at City Council on October 22, 2019 for their completion of the course and dedication to climate action (pictured with councilmembers and Mayor Coral Evans).

What is a Flagstaff Sustainability Leader

Sustainability Leaders are individuals with the skills to initiate community-led climate action and positive climate conversations. Sustainability Leaders were previously known as Climate Leaders or Master Recyclers.

About the Course

This course offers an in-depth training on climate change science, climate change communication, and climate action. Presentations by leaders in government, academia, and community organizations will provide local expertise on climate change threats, actions, and policies. Training materials include discussion articles, evaluations, and PowerPoint presentations. 

Participants are required to accumulate greater than or equal to 30 hours of climate-oriented volunteerism, advocacy, and/or outreach within a year of completing the program. The course is an 10-week program with several optional weekend sessions. Topics covered include:

  • Climate change science, myths, and facts
  • Climate change impacts in Flagstaff and what they city is doing through the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan
  • Climate change and equity
  • Methods for effective climate communication (and time to practice skills)
  • How to be a leader in catalyzing community climate action

Sustainability Leaders is a combination of the City's previous Climate Leader and Master Recycler courses.


As a participant in the Climate Leader course, you are committing to attend eight Thursday evening sessions (weekend sessions are optional) with an open mind. Climate change is a difficult topic, about which many people feel passionately, and it is important to remain receptive to new information and perspectives to ensure discussions are positive experiences for everyone. In addition, participants in the course commit to serve at least 30 volunteer hours in climate outreach within a year of course completion.


This course aims to educate residents on climate change, local impacts, and climate action in order to initiate positive climate conversations and community action. The course will encourage participants to take action in their community.

What participants learn Through interactive presentations and group discussions, participants will:

  • Learn about climate change science (facts and myths) and the local effects of climate change in Flagstaff
  • Meet and engage with local climate leaders and experts in academia, government, business, and community organizations through interactive presentations and discussions
  • Share what they learn with their communities through effective and positive communication
  • Act on what they learn to inspire and initiate climate action within themselves and their communities

Why Register

Flagstaff's changing climate affects us all. Understanding the local impacts is step one. Acting on those impacts is step two. Flagstaff needs trained individuals ready to act on their knowledge and initiate projects to increase resiliency and sustainability. Everyone has a part to play in making Flagstaff a healthy and livable city into the future.

Helpful Resources

Find out more information and apply for the Sustainability Leaders course For more information or questions, email Jillian Goulet or call at 928-213-2156. Are you a current Climate Leader? Find climate and communication resources here.