Fats, Oils, & Grease (F.O.G) Program

F.O.G. stands for fats, oils, and grease. F.O.G. can buildup and clog sewer and drainage pipes unless properly pretreated. Restaurants and food service facilities generate greasy water through cleaning and washing dishes. Approved grease interceptors are installed in all food producing facilities to capture F.O.G. before it discharges to the public sewer. For interceptors to be effective, proper pump out service and regular inspections must be completed. Industrial Pretreatment monitors Food Service Establishments (FSEs) to ensure they are effectively managing F.O.G. 

F.O.G. Discharge Control Manual

The Industrial Pretreatment Program is now using SwiftyComply as a F.O.G. management database. Food Service Establishments can register online, and grease pump out service providers can register by emailing their information to Swift Comply

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Residential Customers F.O.G. Rack Card

Residential Customers F.O.G rack card, front side
Residential Customers F.O.G rack card, back side