Flagstaff Police Department

Welcome to the Flagstaff Police Department

The mission of the Flagstaff Police Department is to protect and preserve life, property, public order, and the rights of the individual, by providing exemplary service through the establishment of a partnership of shared responsibility, support, and trust with the law-abiding members of the community.

Core Values

  • We value life. It is our highest priority.
  • We value the constitution-providing equal and enforceable standards.
  • We value integrity-we recognize integrity as the basis for mutual respect and trust.
  • We value service by providing exemplary service; we enhance our credibility and establish trust with the community.
  • We value quality of life. We value our role in promoting an environment that enables people to preserve or enhance their quality of life through a partnership of shared responsibility and trust.

Transparency Website

The Flagstaff Police Department is pleased to inform the public that in the interest of improving information sharing and being transparent with our community, we have launched a new website, FPD Transparency. This website provides access to information on current public interest and has a page dedicated to answering frequently asked questions.

To report a crime, file a police report or complaint, please call:  928-774-1414

Citizen Liaison Committee (CLC)

The vision of the Flagstaff Police Department Liaison Committee is to proactively build trust among our constituencies and between the constituencies and the Flagstaff Police Department, allowing people to address challenging community issues in a collaborative and respectful way. These communities may include but are not limited to; LGBTQ and undocumented immigrants and other under-represented populations and special interest groups. The Flagstaff Police Department Citizen Liaison Committee is also available to attend and host community meetings. 

The Citizen Liaison Committee does not investigate complaints on specific incidents involving the Police Department or its staff. It is intended solely as a venue to address the Citizen Liaison Committee for structural, political, or societal concerns on issues relating to policing. To make a request of the committee please contact Shelly O'Connell at soconnell@flagstaffaz.gov.


  • Operations - learn more about patrol officers, emergency service teams, criminal investigations, and community relations.
  • Support Services - learn more about alarm home and business alarm systems, communications including 911, evidence/property, police records, and view recovered/found bicycles.

Searchable Crime Statistics

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