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City of Flagstaff Employee Opportunities

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AmeriCorps Opportunities

The Sustainability Office partners with NAU's Center for Service and Volunteerism to host AmeriCorps members.

We are currently hiring an Equitable Recovery and Resilience VISTA and a Recycling Education AmeriCorps Environmental Literacy Member!


  • DEADLINE: Apply ASAP. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and the positions are open until filled.
  • TO APPLY: All applications must be submitted through this website.
    • When filling out the form, indicate the VISTA positions you are interested in, where it asks which AmeriCorps State position(s) you are applying for.  

If you need assistance with the application, please email NAU CSV ( or call (928) 523-6395."

See below for job descriptions.


Equitable Recovery and Resilience VISTA

The Equitable Recovery through Neighborhood Resilience VISTA will design and initiate programs that make neighborhoods stronger in face of COVID-19 and its ongoing ramifications. Strong neighborhoods are critical to build a more resilient community and support Flagstaff neighbors in need. The VISTA will help improve neighborhood capacity to help each other in times of immediate emergency and long-term changes. The VISTA will:

  • Design and initiate programs that make neighborhoods stronger in face of COVID-19 and its ramifications.
  • Provide resilience-building tools and resources for neighborhoods.
  • Help neighborhood leaders and residents identify assets, challenges, and opportunities for how to help each other in times of need and develop action plans to reduce poverty among the families in their neighborhoods.
  • Identify opportunities for the City to better address poverty among its residents.
  • Identify funding opportunities and assist in applying for funding.
  • Compile and distribute information on gaps in support services for residents in poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

     See the full job description and apply today.

Recycling Education - AmeriCorps Environmental Literacy Member 

Minimum 300 total hours, 29-31 hours/week for 10 weeks. Preferred extension for academic year.

The Recycling Education ELC member will work to promote awareness of recycling knowledge throughout Flagstaff to increase waste diversion rates and support the City’s carbon neutrality goals. Much of the ELC member’s work will focus on direct resident, neighborhood, and business recycling and waste diversion outreach and engagement. 

  • Create and lead a series of workshops/ events to highlight recycling and reuse efforts, specifically focusing on community members with minimal exposure and access to recycling, composting, etc. 
  • Work with K-12 school administrators to expand recycling programs and infrastructure. 
  • Collaborate with Flagstaff Sustainability Office staff, Solid Waste Section staff and partner organizations to produce critical Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) transition outreach. 
  • Develop and lead waste diversion training for event organizers to support recycling, composting, and other zero-waste practices at events. Act as a zero-waste ambassador at local events by actively engaging with community members at waste stations.
  • Conduct recycling bin checks in neighborhoods and recycling audits at the MRF to collect data on contamination rates and commonly mis-recycled items. 

   See the full job description and apply today.