Upgrades on Linda Vista Drive

Timeline LV

6/3 Project Complete

  • Final acceptance of the improvements on Linda Vista Culvert Project took place on June 2.
  • All traffic control devices will be removed.
  • The additional culvert will help mitigate the anticipated post-wildfire flooding from the Museum Fire by maximizing the channels capacity.

5/21 Final Project Update

  • The control valve project is now substantially complete. We have successfully replaced and relocated the control valve underground beside the street where is it much safer for staff to access.
  • We are finished with road closures, but please expect some lane shifts for the next week or so while the stormwater culvert project is wrapping up.

4/29 Update

  • Good News! Paving of Linda Vista construction area is ahead of schedule, and will be completed Thursday, April 30.
  • Project to be substantially complete by Friday, May 15th
  • Stormwater culvert installation crossing Linda Vista Road nearly complete
  • Stormwater channel repairs to be completed over the next two weeks
  • Potable Water System Pressure Regulating Valve installed and functioning as of Wednesday, April 22.
  • Stormwater upgrades to this section of channel designed to address concerns from last year's Museum Fire and potential increased stormwater flows

4/22 Update

  • Good News! The water pressure reduction time period has been reduced. Residents now have full water pressure resumed as of today, Wednesday, April 22. The water system valve replacement has been completed prior to the April 24 estimate.
  • More Good News! There is an opportunity to complete the stormwater piping and street paving a week ahead of schedule. This will require an additional week of road closure on Linda Vista Drive, through Friday, May 1.
  • Intermittent lane restrictions will continue through mid-to-late May, as the project finishes up.

4/21 Update

  • Replaced over 40 feet of 16" ductile Iron water line in Linda Vista Drive
  • Installed over 60 feet of 8" ductile iron water line for new Pressure Regulating Valve
  • Installed one of two new Pressure Regulating Valves in new vault
  • Installed one new 16" Butterfly Valve on new 16" water line
  • Installed 4 new 8"gate valves

4/13 Update

  • Road closed today
  • Reduced water pressure for residents north of Linda Vista Drive, between North Paradise Road and Grindelwald Way scheduled April 20 through 24

4/9 Update

  • Tapped into water main for new PCV water supply.
  • Installed next section of culvert pipe - which gets us more than halfway across Linda Vista Drive.

4/1 Update

  • Vehicular traffic is reduced to narrow lanes in each direction.
  • New vault location has been excavated and is ready for installation of 17 feet by 8 feet vault.
  • Excavation for new stormwater culvert is proceeding - currently working on excavation on Eastern half of roadway.
  • Temporary storage area is fenced in.

Follow along with the progress in the story map below!

*Click on the arrows in the upper right-hand corner of the image for full-view of the construction photos!

Construction is scheduled for March 30th to May 15th, 2020

To minimize road restrictions, two Water Services projects will be conducted simultaneously on Linda Vista Drive. Water Services will be replacing a control valve between North Paradise Road and North Adrianne Way, while also upgrading stormwater infrastructure within Spruce Avenue Wash.

Kinlani Dorm and Linda Vista PRV

Road Closures

The projects will cause intermittent lane restrictions or delays on Linda Vista Drive between North Paradise Road and North Adrianne Way during the construction period. This section of Linda Vista Drive will be closed from April 13th to 24th.  Those affected by these road restrictions should access Linda Vista Drive via North Fourth Street (see map).

Road Closed 4.13 -4.24.20
Map 1 (large view)
Reduced water pressure

Reduced Water Pressure

Local residents north of Linda Vista Drive, between North Paradise Road and Grindelwald Way should expect reduced water pressure for five consecutive days during the road closure period, April 13 through 24. If your home is located in an area that will experience reduced water pressure, you will be notified in advance. A map of the reduced water pressure boundary is posted below. 

Reduced water pressure boundary V.3

We are Here to Help

We understand that construction may interfere with residential life in the area for a brief time, but this upgrade will enhance the reliability of your water service and increase staff safety in the long term.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the construction, email the Water Services Project Managers.

location of LV vault

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