Strategic Plan 2025

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The Water Services Division has just completed its Strategic Plan 2025 (PDF)The plan summarizes the major issues facing the Division and the community over the next twenty years. This document was crafted by our leadership team to prioritize sound planning, appropriate investments, exceptional customer service, protect public and environmental health, increase efficiency, and improve transparency and community engagement. It outlines ten Strategic Objectives that provide a basis for further community dialogue about risks, needed investments, and opportunities related to water issues. Among the critical concerns addressed in the plan are: water resources and climate change planning, wildfires and water service reliability, stormwater system sizing and maintenance. This Plan does not communicate final policy decisions, but lays the groundwork for future discussions with policy makers and the public on specific strategies and investments. 

The Plan outlines 10 objectives. The links below will take you to each objective and the specific responses identified to address each issue. The champions responsible for each of these objectives are identified and are available for further discussion. An opportunity for public comment is available at the bottom of each page. Input is encouraged! Periodic updates on the progress of each objective will be posted. 

  1. Use Standards and Data to Drive Decision Making
  2. Address Wildcat Hill Water Reclamation BioSolids Capacity
  3. Protect the Water System for Wildfire Threat
  4. Upgrade Stormwater System and Increase Maintenance
  5. Accelerate Infrastructure Maintenance and Replacement
  6. Ensure Adequate Water Resources
  7. Maintain Excellent Water Quality
  8. Improve Compliance with Environmental Standards and Protections
  9. Enhance Communications and Customer Service
  10. Address Critical Workforce Issues