The LID Approach

The LID Guidance Manual for Site Design and Implementation (PDF) is designed to assist planners, developers, architects, landscape professionals, and others with engineering solutions and site planning practices that attempt to mimic natural hydrologic functions for development sites. The LID handbook/manual provides a comprehensive list of LID planning and stormwater management techniques for developers, builders, contractors, planners, landscape architects, engineers, and government employees to reference as guidance prior to developing a project site.

Specifically, the Objectives of Lid Include:

  • Decentralizing and micromanaging stormwater at its source
  • Incorporating natural site elements (wetlands, stream corridors, mature forests) as design elements
  • Preserving open space and minimizing land disturbance
  • Protecting natural systems and processes (drainage ways, vegetation, soils, sensitive areas)
  • Re-examining the use and sizing of traditional site infrastructure (lots, streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks) and customizing site design to each site