Affordable Renting in Flagstaff

  1. Programs & Qualifying
  2. Public Housing
  3. Section 8
  4. Clark Homes
  5. Additional Affordable Housing

Applying for Housing Programs

Applicants can apply for all open waiting lists, but applicants must apply for each program separately:

Programs and Qualifying

Use the tabs to navigate between various programs.


Waiting lists for the Flagstaff Housing Authority managed programs are sorted by one or more preferences. Those with the preference are sorted ahead of those without on the program waiting list. If your situation changes, please update your information, as this can impact your waiting list position. Your preference status can change while you’re on the waiting list, but your date and time of application remain the same.

Clark Homes has various preference points described on its page.

Area Median Income (AMI)

Affordable rentals are income-qualified in some way. That means would-be tenant families can earn no more than a certain amount per year. Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and Clark Homes applicants can earn no more than 50% AMI, Low Income Public Housing applicants can earn no more than 80% AMI. Other programs have their own income brackets. View the current AMI table for more details.

Residency Preference

For Section 8 and Public Housing, we give preference to those who live or work in Flagstaff. If you do not have a residency preference, you will have an indeterminate wait and may never near the top of the waiting list. Your residency preference status on the Waiting List is based on whether:   

  • Your primary residence is in Flagstaff, 
  • An adult household member works or is self-employed at least 20 hours per week in Flagstaff, or 
  • An adult household member has an offer of work in Flagstaff.

Elderly-Handicapped-or Disabled Preference

For one-bedroom units, there is an additional preference for seniors (people of 62 years or older), people with one or more disabilities, or both.

Other Affordable Housing in Flagstaff

In addition to the below services, you may be able to find additional affordable housing options through the My Housing Search website.

Other Public Housing Authorities

You can find other public housing authorities using the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website. For the specific Arizona list, see the Public Housing Authority Contact Report for Arizona. The Flagstaff Housing Authority only covers the City of Flagstaff.