Community Land Trust Program

Crestview by Capstone HomeThe Community Land Trust Program is a tool to assist in meeting the housing needs of Flagstaff and its workforce.

  • This program takes the cost of purchasing land out of the cost of buying a home.
  • The City of Flagstaff will reserve ownership of the land while providing security of tenure and rights of use to the homeowner.
  • The land is provided to the homeowner through a 99-year renewable lease which may be passed on to heirs.
  • The price for which the house may be sold is restricted in exchange for assistance with the initial purchase.
  • These units will be maintained as permanently affordable through the program.

Crestview by Capstone Homes

Capstone Homes is currently offering land trust homes for sale to qualifying households in the Crestview subdivision. Crestview features:

  • New construction, single family homes
  • Two 2-bedroom floor plans
  • Optional master suite upgrade
  • Zero Energy Ready Home designation

All interested homebuyers must complete the land trust application. (PDF)  For more information about Crestview, please visit the Capstone Homes Website.

Resource Documents

Read more about how the land trust program works in the resource documents: