Agendas and Committee Roadmap

The Community Stakeholder Committee on Reclaimed Water meetings have concluded. Water Services staff are working on the next steps. Any project updates will be posted online, and a presentation will be given to the Flagstaff Water Commission in Fall of 2021.

Post date: 7/2/2021


Committee members:

  • Attended three virtual workshops and watched short videos that address specific topics
    • Workshop 1: Friday October 30, 2020 1-4 PM
    • Voluntary Check-in - Topic TBD: Friday November 20, 2020 one hour between 1 and 4 PM
    • Friday December 11, 2020 1-4 PM
    • Friday January 29, 2021 1-4 PM
  • Participated in short surveys related to reclaimed water use
  • Ranked management options for reclaimed water
  • Reviewed technical information about reclaimed water in order to make informed decisions as a committee
  • Learned about the timing of when during the year we have excess reclaimed water balance data,  regulated and unregulated water quality consideration, the economics of reclaimed water in the community and strategies we could use in policy to drive use in the community, benefit - cost comparisons, and infrastructure and operational considerations

Committee Roadmap:

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Stakeholder Group Approach


RWMP Road Map


RWMP Stakeholder Group Approach


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