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Report a water or sewer service problem during working hours: (928) 213-2400

For weekends, evenings or emergencies: (928) 774-0262

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Water Services Directory

WS Staff_2018

The team of professionals in the Water Services Division works hard every day to keep the water flowing to your taps and water flushing from your home! We recycle high-quality reclaimed water to the community for irrigation and other state-approved uses. Eleven sections in the Water Services Division ensure great customer service for decades to come: Regulatory Compliance, Engineering, Water Production, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Collections, Stormwater, Water Resources & Conservation, and Administrative.

Pictured: Top Row:  Jim Huchel, Reclamation (Wastewater) Manager; Steve Camp, Regulatory Compliance Manager; Chris Kirkendall, Stormwater Manager; Bradley M. Hill, R.G., Water Services Director; Ryan Roberts, Engineering Manager; Bottom Row: Mark Richardson, Operations Manager over Water Distribution and Wastewater Collections; Debby Valencia, Admin Specialist; Erin Young, Water Resources Manager; Marion Lee, Admin Specialist.

Photo taken in 2018 - Not Present: Lisa Deem, Management Analyst; Brian Huntzinger, Water Production Manager