The Court issues bench warrants for failing to appear for a scheduled court date, failure to pay outstanding monetary orders and failing to comply with other court orders.  The purpose of a bench warrant is to compel appearance to resolve a court matter.  You can search your case online at https://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/publicaccess/ or contact the court directly to speak with a Warrant Officer to see if there are any outstanding warrants against you.  It is important that the Court always has your current contact information while a court case is pending.  This includes current address, phone number, email, and any other means of contact. 

If you have a warrant for your arrest, you may post the amount of the bond to quash the warrant and have a court date rescheduled. You may also contact a Warrant Officer who can schedule a time for you to see a judge.  Resolving an active warrant directly through the court will avoid an arrest taking place if you have contact with law enforcement.