Mayor Paul Deasy

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Paul Deasy was elected as Mayor in 2020

Paul Deasy moved to Flagstaff when he was 12 years old and graduated from Flagstaff public schools. He is married to Amethyst Deasy, a registered nurse who had been fighting on the frontline of the pandemic in Flagstaff. They have four children together.

Paul earned a Master’s in Economics with an emphasis in developmental economics as well as Master's in Political Science. He was awarded a fellowship with the National Science Foundation where he worked vigilantly to change policies at federal institutions so they could more effectively respond to economic crises.

In his role as a research analyst, Mr. Deasy supports senior leadership at Northern Arizona University to further student success. He is passionate about creating educational environments where children and young adults can achieve their full potential.

To see what the Mayor is up to please refer to his weekly calendar below. 

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    Paul Deasy

    Phone: (928) 213-2065

  2. Shawn Johnson

    Mayor's Chief of Staff
    Phone: (928) 213-2065

Mayor Deasy's Weekly Calendar:

Friday, May 7th

  • Quarterly meeting with the Arizona Daily Sun                                                                     

Saturday, May 8th

  • Nurses Recognition Event at Lowell Observatory  

Monday, May 10th

  • Weekly meeting with City Manager Clifton
  • Weekly meeting with Vice Mayor Daggett, Councilmember Sweet and City Manager Clifton                                                                     

Tuesday, May 11th

  • City Council Executive Session
  • City Council Work Session
  • Alternate Response Work Group

Wednesday, May 12th 

  • Monthly meeting Nicole Antonopoulos - Sustainability Manager
  • Meeting to discuss community involvement

Thursday, May 13th

  • Monthly meeting with Councilmember Aslan
  • Weekly meeting with Vice Mayor and Councilmember Sweet

Friday, May 14th

  • Arizona League of Cities and Towns Executive Committee
  • Meeting with Northern Arizona Interfaith Council